Cloths Dusters Scourers

Yellow Dusters

Yellow Dusters

QTY: 10

PRICE: £3.62 + VAT

Dish cloths

Dish cloths Available in various sizes and grades. Soft and absorbent. Suitable for wet and dry applications Trade Top Up quantites 15 x 10, size 14 x 12 only

PRICE: £4.02 + VAT

Erase all pad

Erase all pad Removes stubborn stains & marks from most surfaces No need for chemicals, use with water for cleaning use dry for dusting Ideal for cleaning tea stained cups, stainless steel, floor surfaces, paintwork, plastics, glass, bathrooms and many more!

PRICE: £5.85 + VAT

Super scourer H/D

Super scourer H/D Available in small or large. Removes burnt on stains with ease. Ideal for grill pans and BBQs Available in 40gm or 60gm

PRICE: £6.30 + VAT

Catering sponge scourer

Catering sponge scourer large catering size. Ideal for heavy duty applications

PRICE: £3.37 + VAT

All purpose cloth

All purpose cloth All Purpose Cloth Dispenser - Semi-disposable In easy to use box dispenser Handy and versatile, leave on work surface Antibacteral 200 sheets per roll, 22cm x 37cm approx 40gsm 4 colours available

PRICE: £7.49 + VAT

Handy wipes

Handy wipes Cost effective disposable wipe.

PRICE: £4.88 + VAT

Ocean cloths

Ocean cloths Ocean Large Medium grade wiper for all applications Semi-disposable Antibacterial


PRICE: £4.50 + VAT

Colour Coded Dishcloths

Colour Coded Dishcloths Easy to segregate cleaning tasks. Available in antibacterial. A good all round cleaning cloth


PRICE: £4.55 + VAT

Exel Microfibre Supercloths

Exel Microfibre Supercloths High performance microfibre cleaning Suitable for all surfaces No chemicals needed Tiny microfibres work hard for you collecting dirt from any surface Contract quality Colour coded also available in white


PRICE: £9.97 + VAT

Stainless steel scouring pad

Stainless steel scouring pad

PRICE: £6.82 + VAT

Green scouring pad

Green scouring pad

PRICE: £2.97 + VAT

Plain oven glove

Plain oven glove Conforms to insulation requirements of BS6526: 1984 Professional catering quality Washable Single sided pockets

PRICE: £2.75 + VAT

Stockinette roll

Stockinette roll Available in fine, heavy bleached and coloured. Choice of various weights. Cost-effective way to clean and wipe

PRICE: £3.50 + VAT

Cleaners Caddy

Cleaners Caddy Lightweight durable plastic. 3 separate compartments for segregation. Keeps all cleaning tools tidy and easy to carry

QTY: 1

SIZE: 33 cm x 13 inch
PRICE: £5.85 + VAT

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